Episode #1: Populism, Elites and Masses

January 26, 2022

In the first episode of the Political Science Podcast, editor and host Enes Kulenović spoke with political scientist Marko Grdešić about his 2019 book The Shape of Populism: Serbia before the Dissolution of Yugoslavia Shape of Populism: Serbia before the Dissolution of Yugoslavia published by the University of Michigan Press, and about his actual article published in the Annals of HPD 2021, Red and Black Croatia in the Long Run. The topics discussed included the relationship between elites and the masses in populism as a fractal phenomenon, the Anti-Bureaucratic Revolution and Milosevic’s rise to power in Serbia, the paradox of voting for the Right in the economically neglected areas, and the problems of disciplinary fragmentation and lack of communication within the political science community.

The episode can be listened to on Anchor.fm, HPD's YouTube channel or at Spotify:

Annals of the Croatian Political Science Association

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