Episode #5: What’s Wrong with Croatian Public Policies?

November 7, 2022

In the fifth episode of the Political Science Podcast, Višeslav Raos discussed public policies with political scientist Ana Petek, associate professor at the Department of Public Policy, Management and Development of the Faculty of Political Sciences of the University of Zagreb and head of the research team on the project Kako vlada Vlada? (“How Does the Government Govern?”). The motive for the discussion is the publication of articles in the journals European Policy Analysis and Policy Studies that develop a substantive and technical typology of public policy goals based on empirical research on the Croatian public policy goals. Among other things, the research showed a stronger emphasis on the goals of economic development and strengthening governing capacities, as well as social inclusion in social policy, but also insufficient precision and poor operationalization of public policy goals, which represent an obstacle to their successful implementation. The incompetence of political elites to operationalize the ideological content on the basis of which they compete in the elections at the level of public policy goals hinders the democratic process, which presupposes that voters reward the implementation of the policies they chose and punish their non-implementation. Petek also spoke about the recognition of Croatian public policy experts in the international academic community, but also in the public policy process in Croatia; about the possible development of a public policy graduate study program that would teach political scientists more advanced methodology and research design and deepen their knowledge of public policy concepts and theories; about the advantages and difficulties of working in a large research team, and about what it takes to publish a text in high-ranked scientific journals.

The episode can be listened to on Anchor.fm, HPD's YouTube channel or at Spotify:

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